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The "WHOLESOME" Cookie

The "WHOLESOME" Cookie


We have designed a GIVE BACK program to help our community members.


We SWEETENED the pot...........We are using locally made products like: EGGS, BUTTER, FLOUR, HONEY, MAPLE SYRUP, Canadian Oats and our wrapper is locally supplied.  Our goal was to help in a BIGGER way by helping put funds back into our community partner businesses.


With every purchase, FUNDS will be donated back to a local cancer recipient at end of 2021.  With every purchase you will be entered to NOMINATE a local CANCER recipient.  At the end of 2021 FUNDS will be donated to help out someone living with a cancer diagnosis.




We make up ahead of your event,  we cater: Parties, Meetings, Snacks, Gift Baskets.

All baking is FOOD HANDLED CERTIFIED as well as COVID-Safety CERTIFIED for your safest consumption.......

We are a NOT-FOR PROFIT INCORPORATED ORGANIZATION that has your BEST health in MIND.  Contact us today!!


Try our GLUTEN FREE OPTION or our regular Oatmeal Date.

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